Monday, August 27, 2012

end of Summer

It's been an incredibly busy summer filled with adventure and amazing memories.. and we are officially ready for Fall.

My Sammy is starting preschool (2 days a week) and soccer. I am officially a soccer mom!!  Since he has changed so much this year, I had to reflect on his baby/toddler years. I cannot believe all the changes!  Not only is he sooooo tall and his shoe size is getting close to mine.. but he is so smart. He talks so well and is very observant. I love that he wants to learn new things all the time. He is very coordinated and is great at a lot of sports. 

My Jadey is so hilariousl She is so much fun and I love her personality. One thing that I think is so funny is that she LOVES men! She, of course, is a daddy's-girl, but she attaches to guys (about Matt's age). For example, I went to Inkley's to check out some camera stuff. Jadey went up to this random guy and put her hands up to be held. So I went over and picked her up. She screamed and arched her back.. I put her down and she went back to the guy and he held her the whole time we were at the store. She also LOVES my cousin David and Rochelle's husband, Austin. She spent most of our Pineview trip hanging out with them.

She babbles so much that she actually thinks we understand her!  You can ask her any question and she'll respond with, "Yeah."  Her hair is getting so long and curly. She is so girly and sassy.. she has us laughing all the time.

Matt and I decided that we wanted to get a toy we could do as a family for a long time... we wanted something we would all enjoy and that will keep us close.. so we bought a Rhino.  We have had a lot of adventures already. My favorite is listening to Jadeyn yell, "YEAAAHHHHH!!" or clap her hands when we go really fast. And watching Sam and Jadey laugh at each other back there.

Stansbury Days and Light Boat Promenade

To finish off the summer, we spent a week up at Pineview Reservoir for my Grandparents 60th anniversary. 20 adults & 7 kids.

One of my favorite parts of this trip was taking the tram up snow basin to an amazing brunch!
Daddy-daughter time

60 years!!! What an amazing example!! That will be Matt and I in 50 years :)
Hot tub party

Is there anything better than laying on the bow of the boat.

Jadey found her way over to baby Brynlee's umbrella and blankey.
Tubing madness with my Matty -- glad I made it out alive!

Leave it to my girl :D   The last night we went to a local BBQ with live entertainment.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Well it's official! I turned 30!!! Not a day I was looking forward to AT ALL!! In fact, I started crying when the clock turned 11p.. yeah because I realized I'm aging and can't stop the wrinkles from coming, but mostly because I'm sad at how fast time is going by. It made me realize that I spent most of my adult life working, not spending nearly enough time with family and not being healthy and active. So this summer has been a turning point for me.. and because those things are so important to me, I've decided to make some changes. Although this kind of contradicts what I just said, I decided to stay-at-home while the kids are young and go back to school. I'm planning to chip away at my pre-reqs for Physical Therapy school. It's a long road, but I will have 30 years of working when the kids start school and I want to have the time and freedom that Matt does with his job. Not to mention.. I want to be passionate about my job and make a difference in people's lives.

Anyways - there's my quick update and here's some instagram photos from July.
Pre-bday at Lagoon with great friends!
We really LOVE Cafe Rio.. I mean once or twice a week LOVE!
Well the summer started off riding bikes/scooter to the park and now my little guy has gotten lazy. lol I think it's the heat. So we take the 4-wheeler instead.
Road-trip to California (stop in Lake Tahoe). What a gorgeous area! We could retire here!!  I haven't been to this area since I was 11y so this was so much fun to see.  As you can see... the girlie started walking!!!!

Eeewwww! I just love my little squishies! PS - I wish that was my boat in the background. Such a fun place!

Arnold, CA (this is Matt's grandparents beautiful home. We usually go every July with his fam & this year.. we were the only ones there)
Love relaxing at G&G's house

Check out the butt on this one!

Everyday is a lazy day at the beach!
Daddy's girl for sure!

Wouldn't be grandmas without drumsticks on the deck!

Let the rivalry begin!

Building sand castles or a sand mouse.Talented.. aren't I?

We had to make a stop in San Franscisco!! and SOOOOOO worth it!

We checked out the GGB & Alcatraz

Hung out at Fisherman's Wharf. I love the atmosphere.. the trolley's, fresh baked breads, fresh seafood and ocean air! I really wish we could afford to move here. They had amazing homes up in the hills with views of the bay. See below.

We hiked up 330 some odd steps to see an overlook of the Bay.
Famous Filbert Steps

Made it to the top --Hoit Tower
The hike was a major work-out but it had gorgeous views

And gardens!!!

Lunch stop
Ferry Building Marketplace
Even got to see Optimus Prime!!
Drove home on the 24th but still had to do fireworks that night!
I love that these two can play together now!
Maya and Eli's bday celebration! My sister does such an amazing job on their parties!
Minnie & Mickey :)

Took the Sammy man to Lagoon because he has been talking about it all summer. As soon as we pulled up he said, "Mom, this is so fun!" and he had the best day of his life. Seriously! He had a smile from ear to ear all day long.

Dragon ride
These two crack me up.. they always want to hold hands.

The Bat.  There wasn't a ride he wouldn't go on.

Sam and Eli are little buds!!
Got end this post with my sweet little Jadey updates. She has been so much fun and has developed quite the personality. She will copy any word you say.. even if it doesn't sound close to what you said. Ever since she started walking.. she has quite the little attitude. Temper tantrums include throwing herself on the floor and rolling around. All I can do is laugh at how dramatic she is. But dang is she so sweet and cute! She LOVES her teddy bear and baby!